ETV Gujarati TV Chanel - News @ 10.30 PM; June 18, 2011, Saturday

Selected Verbatim from the telecast

"A website has been developed on the novel concept to save money, petrol and environment. For regular passengers going to office, converts the difficulty into comfort by helping to save money and time. Interested person needs to do one-time registration in this new website."

"If regular carpooling is done, then you are saving 75% on money, on fuel consumption, on environment and reducing traffic? said the founder of the website.

The founder of the website wants to take the concept and usage to greater heights to the global level. He has desired to take support from Gujarat state government and Indian Central government to make it very successful."

Times News Network (TNN), The Times of India, Jun 6, 2011, Ahmedabad

Now, check online for a carpool nearby

AHMEDABAD: On his way back from the airport, sitting alone in a taxi, Ritesh Patel was silently pondering over the amount of fuel wasted and the pollution caused by just one person`s travel. "At least two more people could sit beside me and the fare would drop to one-third," thought Patel.

It may not take long for commuters like Patel to share their cars, two-wheelers and even autorickshaws for common routes and destinations. Aiming to enable people to share their vehicles to cut the cost, Suresh Purohit from Vadodara launched a web portal (i.e. on Sunday.

Registration and usage of the portal will be free of cost, and registered members will receive SMSes on their mobile phones. These SMSes will have the telephone number of other people travelling by the same route or going to the same destination.

Purohit said, "Commuters can now call each other, talk and sort out details and the fare to be charged among themselves."

Explaining the details, Purohit, an MBA from MS University of Baroda, said, "I wanted to use technology to benefit people since long. The entire system is based on advanced mapping technologies." He has made it mandatory for a person to submit email address and mobile number at the time of registration along with other details like pollution under control (PUC) certificate, insurance papers of vehicle owners to ensure authenticity and security. A person will receive an immediate call back for cross verification. Also, the vehicle owners will receive alerts on the expiry of their PUC and insurance covers.

"There are a few city-specific car pooling web portal services in the country. While I have designed a countrywide service, the SMS system has been used for the first time," said Purohit.

The portal (i.e. was launched by founder and director of Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Kartikeya Sarabhai at CEE as part of the World Environment Day.

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