Frequently Asked Question

Does OliveTrips provide the vehicle for the transportation?

No. It does not offer any types of vehicles for the transportation. It just brings to you the state-of-the art platform to post your trips so that you can share with other relevant and like-minded citizens.

What things I must have to use OliveTrips as a passenger?

Google account and mobile number. They are mandatory to bring better experiences to you.

Do I need to pay any types of fees or charge to OliveTrips for using the website?

No. Service and application is totally free.

As a vehicle owner, do I have the choice to select the passengers?

Definitely. OliveTrips allows you to receive more responses (requests) than available seats in your vehicle. Hence, you can select the most relevant and appropriate passengers from them.

Do I need to pay any commission to OliveTrips on what I charge to the passengers?

No. OliveTrips is not in the picture of any financial dealings taking place between two parties or persons. The financial contribution can take place as per the mutual understanding.

Will my ratings would be visible to other members?

Not at all. He/she cannot see how you have rated. Give candid and most relevant ratings, it will help you and others.

What is the significance of Display name? Can I have same Display name as my login id?

Your login id would be based on your google account. To protect your interest and privacy, it is recommended to create Display Name. Display Name cannot be changed once created. If you want, you can have login id and Display Name as same.

What is the significance of communication email? Can I choose my Google Account as communication email?

OliveTrips would send the trips alert and request alert to a particular email id on the real-time basis. Hence, you can remain updated about development of your posting. You need to specify the most preferred and widely accessed email address as communication Email. It may be your corporate email address or other email address. If you wish, you may choose Google account as communication email.

I am more comfortable in travelling with female. Can I make it on OliveTrips?

Yes, you will be able to see the gender of the members. Moreover, You can specify the same while posting the trip.

Why do I need to enter PUC/Pollution Certificate expiry date and Vehicles Insurance expiry date?

It is optional. But, if you enter those dates, OliveTrips will send you timely alert for renewal, thus assisting you in such affairs as well.

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