OliveTrips.com offers multiple and important benefits ranging from financial savings to fuel savings, making friends to comfortable travel; depending upon your usage. The table lucidly presents the range of benefits with respect to your mode of usage at OliveTrips.com. You can select appropriate and most relevant mode. So go ahead and post a trip!

Benefits of using OliveTrips

Usage of OliveTrips Financial savings Fuel savings Environmental contribution Comfort Less driving stress Less Traffic & Parking problems Low Wear & Tear of vehicles
Offered seats to - who travels in dedicated vehicle
Offered seats to - who travels through other mode
Shared Auto/Taxi NA NA
Taken a seat/lift - instead of taking dedicated vehicle
Taken a seat/lift - instead of other mode of transport NA NA

OliveTrips.com submits a customized EcoReport to you based on your usage and your eco drives. It consists of three segments: financial savings, fuel savings and environmental contribution.

If you have formed a carpool with 3 other members, then you are saving 75% on financial aspects, 75% on fuel consumption and 75% on carbon footprints. The table shows the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) in various units with respect to consumption of respective fuels.

You would be surprised to note that one litre of Diesel produces 1462 litre of carbon dioxide. So, it?s time to be more fuel sensitive!

CO2 Emission

Fuel (litre) CO2 produced (litre) CO2 produced (Kg) CO2 produced (Lbs)
Diesel 1461.8 2.63 5.79
Gasoline (Petrol) 1278.2 2.30 5.07
BioDiesel 1178.3 2.12 4.67
CNG 952.0 1.71 3.77
LPG 834.3 1.50 1.50

CO2 Emission (US Units)

Fuel (US Gallon) CO2 produced (litre) CO2 produced (Kg) CO2 produced (Lbs)
Diesel 5533.6 9.95 21.94
Gasoline (Petrol) 4838.4 8.70 19.18
BioDiesel 4460.2 8.02 17.68
CNG 3603.8 6.48 14.29
LPG 3158.0 5.68 12.52

CO2 Emission (British Units)

Fuel (Imperial Gallon) CO2 produced (litre) CO2 produced (Kg) CO2 produced (Lbs)
Diesel 6645.6 11.95 26.34
Gasoline (Petrol) 5810.7 10.45 23.03
BioDiesel 5356.5 9.63 21.23
CNG 4328.0 7.78 17.16
LPG 3792.6 6.82 15.03

How to Interpret

  • 1 Litre of Diesel produces 1461.8 Litre of CO2. That CO2 is equivalent to 2.63 Kg.
  • 1 Imperial Gallon of CNG produces 4328.0 Litre of CO2 (=17.16 Pounds).

The precise calculation would be submitted through EcoReport on timely manner once you register and start using OliveTrips application.

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