It is a lovely society, all of us are living in. In order to have a better travel experience, everyone of us need to contribute our bit!

OliveTrips help you with the standard and well-accepted societal and corporate norms for better traveling experience. You are free to use your own judgment and take decisions.

Before starting a trip

  • Mutually decide specific meeting location, rather than keeping it open
  • Be ready before 5-10 minutes at pre-decided location
  • Be very clear in financial contributions
  • Precise and specific communication to avoid inconvenience and save time

While travelling

  • Keep the safe and comfortable physical distance, specially with opposite gender members
  • Play music on speakers, only when other travelers are comfortable with the volume
  • Do not make noise and speak loudly
  • Keep the vehicle very neat and clean
  • Highly recommended not to smoke while travelling
  • Use decent language
  • Take your best judgment and decision as per the situation

On completion of trip

  • Close your respective window glasses before leaving the car
  • Express ?thank you? and candid feedback to other members for making these novel trips successful
  • Rate other members on website to earn points
  • Post your feedback on website

Customer Care

Please feel free to contact us on to share your experience or feedback.

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