How the transportation cost can be reduced without much compromise on comfort?

How each of us can contribute for better environment?

Where is the well-thought of platform to share vehicle or do car pool?

Why not make friends or utilize the time spent in travelling?

All of your questions would get appropriate answer here. The easy-to-use web portal helps you to convert the vehicles like car, cab/taxi, auto, 2-wheeler, etc. into High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) by utilizing unoccupied seats with other like-minded persons travelling to on same path during the same time.

As the name indicates, Olive stands for nature and is a colour darker than green. helps you to make enviro-friendly trips along with benefit of drastic reduction in travel cost. Since its launch on the World Environment Day (June 5, 2011), it has become immense popular and appreciation within India and abroad too.

It has collaborated with pals (Pure Air Lovers Society) to spread green message and provide car pool facilities to 1 million members in India. OliveTrips also takes great pride by being official Car pool Partner to Car Free Day (India Chapter). It has won the accolade 'VNM TV Environmental Excellence Award 2013' for being an important and significant environmental initiative. The trophy was awarded on Jan 16, 2013 in Vadodara.

Any Indian citizen can register with Google Account and mobile number. The service would be extended to other parts of the world in the next phase.

Registered users can form a carpool or bikepool (i.e. 2-wheeler) for going to their workplaces or for attending classes. Travellers can accordingly choose to offer seats (i.e. lift) to other registered seat seekers, considering that such kind of choice comforts everybody in the loop and themselves as well. You are absolutely free to choose any fellow members. The portal also connects you to share taxi or auto to bring down fare.

The portal would share your contact details to relevant members based on your consent and vice versa. You can talk to them to choose most appropriate partners to make comfortable trips.

Benefits of

  • Low Travel cost
  • No major compromise on quality of travel and comfort
  • Reduction in traffic and parking problems
  • Opportunity to increase network
  • Less air and noise pollution
  • Less driving stress
  • Get time to do meaningful activity
  • Low maintenance and wear & tear of vehicle
  • Saves physical energy & enhances frame of mind

Customer Care

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Happy Vehicle Sharing!! Happy Car Pooling!!!

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